Sam Jacobs


Sam Jacobs is a Designer, Creative Director and Co-Founder of the agency Jellymon, from London, currently living in Shanghai.

Check out a selection of my work here.

Sam Jacobs is a Creative Director/Design Director. Currently working as Design/Creative Director, Marketing at The Guardian. Previously Co-Founded the agency Jellymon, in Shanghai, China. Now living back in his hometown, London.

Check out a selection of my work here.


For the last year I've been working in London as creative director at The Guardian, across brand, marketing and product. Before that I co-founded the agency Jellymon in Shanghai and ran it as creative director for 9 years, opening its second office in Beijing in 2014. I worked on brands for the Asia and global markets and have specific expertise in designing and marketing around media, culture, fashion and FMCG; thinking, creating and collaborating in order to connect with hard to reach audiences.



I helped to grow an agency, opening two studios, one in Shanghai and the other in Beijing.


I love to collaborate and get the best out of those around me.


I co-founded Da>Space, China’s first street art gallery. The thousands of visitors have helped grow my global network which includes artists, designers, musicians and press from all over the world.


I designed and curated a collection of watches in collaboration with The Shanghai Watch Company, it was the first ever design collaboration with a Chinese State-Owned enterprise.