Sam Jacobs

Research Projects

Research Projects


Due to the sensitive nature of consumer research the information shown here is top-line. The work undertaken and reports produced are in-depth deep dives into trends, cultures and consumer insights. 

I have worked on projects which focus on understanding and targeting hard to reach, affluent and influential consumers, unlocking valuable insights and consumer intelligence.

These projects use the best parts of traditional qualitative research techniques but apply these in non-traditional ways and in engaging environments.


Nike - Market Climate/Consumer Report.

  • Market Climate/Consumer Report.
  • Consumer journey films and diaries, curated interview session, individual respondent reports.

We were asked by Nike China to gather and work with a group of Key Opinion Leaders and influencers to discover how they spend their time and to create a visual diary both in the form of a filmed day in the life and using a specially designed diary kit. 

The experience culminated in an intimate show and tell session in front of selected Nike executives from throughout the region.


  • Future car use, sharing economy.
  • Test new retail channels, car usage and growth in the sharing economy to create a 5 year marketing and retail strategy for the China market.

BMW Mini approached us to explore new markets in China, learn how consumers in China will use transportation in the next 5 to 10 years, how car ownership may decline and where Mini can fit into the cultural landscape and into the modern retail/e-tail and sharing economy.

From this research base, we helped BMW Mini to create a 5-year strategy focusing on new retail opportunities, new revenue streams and giving their customers old and new, unforgettable Mini experiences.


Red Bull

  • Energy Drink consumption & market.
  • Categorise current and potential consumers, in-depth understanding of energy drink consumers’ mindset, purchase journey: (channel, touch-points, price, brand opinions, source of info etc.)

Alongside my marketing work with Red Bull China I have worked on consumer research projects for the brand to help them better understand the market. 

We have gained and leveraged insights into how and why consumers purchase energy drinks, what kind of marketing and activations will best appeal and what kind of retail opportunities should be explored.

Hennessy Classivsm

  • Retail outlook/opportunities in China.
  • Detailed PDF report outlining the different retail platforms in China and opportunities to market alcohol products within them.

Moët Hennessy was seeking to re-enter the China market with a new Cognac brand targeted at a younger consumer.

To help with their brand positioning,a detailed retail report was created, highlighting key trends, opportunities and restrictions of marketing alcohol brands across the full spectrum of retail channels.




  • Retail opportunities/market climate.
  • Potential future retail locations identified.
  • Retail behaviour amongst key demographics explored, connect with key users.

Apple US approached us to pull together a group of creative Key Opinion Leaders, Influencers, Creative students and Apple users in order to test questions around their future retail plans for China. 

A group of Apple representatives, including Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, visited Shanghai and attended a roundtable discussion which we curated.


Trendy International

  • Retail/market climate.
  • Test new brands, test new markets, test retail behaviour amongst key demographics, connect with KOLs & creators, retail tours and reports.

Trendy International Group has over 3000 stores across China, their brands, Ochirly, 5 Plus, Trendiano and Love Ysabel are aimed at fashion conscious women, men and parents. In 2011, LVMH’s L Capital Asia invested in the group and together they aim to develop existing brands and bring in new fashion, lifestyle and retail concepts to the region. I have worked with Trendy International Group on multiple research projects relating to new and existing brands.



Pernod Ricard

  • Retail opportunities/market climate.Understand current retail landscape, retail behaviour amongst key demographics.
  • Connect with KOLs & creators. Understand how people enjoy Pernod Ricard’s products and how they may enjoy them in the future.

Pernod Ricard’s Breakthrough Innovation Group approached us to organise a retail landscape tour of Shanghai and Beijing and to arrange a series of one on one interviews with OLs, designers, artists, musicians, F&B professionals, retailers and property developers. I have done yearly retail tours for Pernod Ricard in order to keep them up-to-date with the fast moving landscape.


  • Apparel design trends.
  • A series of lectures, workshops and retail tours in Xiamen, a Chinese coastal city, to help inspire the Xtep brand’s design teams to help them improve their apparel and graphic output.

XTep called on us to curate a series of lectures, workshops and retail tours in Xiamen for its 60 person Apparel design team.

Spread over 3 days, combining both design theory and practical workshops, the designers were able to present initial concepts for a new sportswear collection by the end of the program of activities.